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Boys of the Bean Field

I walk in the door of an empty Little House.  The Wife is at worship practice, TechnoBoy's still at work.  First things first.  I start the Elixir of Knowledge then munch down something from a tupperware bowl as I wait for the brewing to cease.

A cup of the Elixir and I wander over to the laptop.  We both stare at the wall as the antiquated computer completes its start-up calisthenics..

I click on a file name.  I'm told it "cannot be accessed".

The Elixir of Knowledge sprays daintily across the screen in true Laodicean manner.

"Whaddaya mean it can't be displayed?!!", I roar, "It's right there, idiot!"

My frustration soon becomes despair.  It's...gone.  Gone!  Despair yields to defeat.

Forget writing something!  I'll quit, rent a movie, and stuff my face while watching someone else's idea dance across the screen.  And THEIR laptop didn't eat THEIR script!

I toss back what's left of the Elixir.  It swirls around the Scripture reading for the morning, laying bare a huge golden nugget that demands to be seen.  To be grasped.

I have no choice.  I pick it up and look at it.

Oh, man.  The Three.  The Trio of Death.  The Tre of Terror.

Joey-B, LZ, and Sham the Man.  David's mighty men in 2 Sam 23.

Joey-B took out 800 of the enemy in one battle.  800.  At one time.  No machine gun.
No grenades.  Just up close and personal.  With a spear.  That hasn't even been done in a Schwarzenegger movie.  At least not yet.

Another battle had the Israelites fleeing. And LZ was tired of running.  As the entire army fled, he turned and stood his ground.  One against an army.  He fought so long and so hard that his hand cramped up.  Big time. 

His sword "froze" to his hand.  And when the rest of the army returned, it was to gather the spoil from the dead.  There was no one left to fight.

And Sham the Man - he made his stand in a bean field. Everyone retreated and ran.  Everyone but Sham.  And when it was over there was one exhausted Israelite, a lot of smashed and trampled beans...and piles of dead Philistines. 

The Boys of the Bean Field.  The Three.

Never giving up.  Making their stand.  Doing the job God had given them.  No matter what.

I wander out to the kitchen for another cup of the Elixir.  As I go back to my electronic foe I have the strange sensation that I'm walking through knee-high beans.

I'm in, Lord.  No retreat. I'll start over and complete the job You've given me.

But please, don't let my writer's cramp be as bad as LZ's.

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