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The Little Picture(s)

The Big Picture.

Some days, it's just too...honkin'...big.  It casts a huge shadow over everything.

And it starts to tip.  It becomes the slow-moving approach of a catastrophe.

Like I have a bow seat on the Titanic...and here comes the iceberg.


Some days the Big Picture is just too much.  It's overwhelming.   I can relate to an exhausted Elijah collapsing under a lone juniper tree, throwing in the towel, telling the Lord he was done.

The game is lost so why even bother to punt, he says. (That's in one of the newer translations, I'm sure.)

 That's when I desperately need those Little Pictures.  Those little four-for-a-buck pictures taken in that little booth with the curtain.  Where it’s just me and a friend.   Or a happy bunch of idiots..

A quick snapshot of a good time.  Nothing that would seem to matter much to the world at large but it means the world to me.

My Little Pictures are probably different from yours but we all have ‘em...

Friendly banter with loved ones.     

Sharing a bad joke with a friend who'll groan appropriately and then criticize my intelligence..

Those cherished “
Just-saying-Hi” calls, texts, and emails.

A hot steaming cup on a cold frosty morning.

God painting a perfect cotton-candy sunrise.  Or sunset.  Pa-tay-toe.  Pa-tot-o.

Licking the frosting spoon as the smell of "homemade" fills the kitchen.

The enjoyable inconvenience of unannounced friends stopping by..

Rememberin' good times.

It's the Little Pictures that get lost in the shadow of the Big Picture.  But if I look,  I always find 'em there in the Quiet.

So go find those Little Pictures today. You might have to look a bit but you'll remember where you left 'em.  Once you get to the Quiet.

It'll be somewhere close to your heart.   I keep mine there, too.


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