Headwaters Wordsmithing

Writing for the actor, singer, and reader.

Birthed in the Northwoods of Wisconsin,  Headwaters Wordsmithing creates screenplays, lyrics, and books with an emphasis on faith in God...and a minor emphasis on coffee.  Make yourself at home.


The screenplays at Headwaters Wordsmithing are meant to provide faith-based family entertainment.

It is my sincere belief that a Christian world-view is very uplifting and enlightening.  It provides the perfect catalysis for creative story-telling.

There's a great need for coke-&-popcorn parables where folks can find guilt-free laughter, the truth of forgiveness, and an incredible purpose to life.

So that's the plan.  And the goal.

Hope you enjoy them.



AWARDS:  Finalist at the Gideon Film Festival 2012 and Semi-Finalist at the Kairos Awards 2012

POSTER LINE:  "Champions stay on the field."

LOGLINE:  "Faith, football, and Route 66 help a family handle the crashes on the Road of Life."

                    (You can read the first 23 pages of Life, Leaving, and the Mother Road in a PDF file here.)



AWARDS:   Finalist at the Gideon Film Festival 2013, Top 4/Honorable Mention in the Tennessee Screenwriting Association's "Make This Film" 2014

POSTER LINE:  "The story of a girl, an asteroid, and a very strange car."

LOG LINE:  "It's Max Headroom meets Balaam's donkey when God shows His love to a teenager using an asteroid, a broken computer tablet, and a beat-up old car."

                                              (You can read the first 22 pages of Dents in a PDF file here.)


                                                              *** NEW ***  from Headwaters Wordsmithing

POSTER LINE:  What does a promise cost?

LOG LINE:  "A baker's boy with a secret finds himself aligned with a grieving, drunken Clan Lord and his small, outnumbered clan of exceptional warriors as they honor an oath to protect a worthless king from a murderous usurper and his massive army."

                                                                      (You can read the first 21 pages here.)



HOW IT HAPPENED:  A friend liked this webpage and told a friend.   Her friend liked "Life, Leaving, & the Mother Road".   He emailed me and asked if I had ever done a "Short", offering very helpful suggestions.  So here is my "Short".   It's based on a true story of what Vince, Ray's little brother,  actually did in a Little League game.   I witnessed the whole thing while drinking an orange Nehi.   I hope you enjoy it.

POSTER LINE "The Coach we choose decides how we play The Game."

LOG LINE:  "The championship is on the line as the least-likely hero steps to the plate, choosing to trust The Coach  -  no matter what."

                                                                (You can read COACHing in its entirety here.)


HOW IT HAPPENED:  A friend told me there was a need for a short film screenplay for a couple of AARP-eligible actors.  Since I'm a card-carrying member myself, I pondered what is it that I do now that I didn't do when I was younger...and reading the obituaries is one of them.

LOG LINE:  Two retired strangers butt heads over a table and a paper before forging an unlikely friendship by sharing their lives and dreams...and it all starts with the obituaries.

                                                                  (You can read The Obits in its entirety here.)



POSTER LINE:    "What's life without dessert?  And what's dessert without a few nuts?"

LOG LINE:   "A lonely 12-year old spends the summer with his quirky "Cake Ministry" aunt and her four oddball boarders who help him learn that today's choices become tomorrow's life."

(Chewing on an idea that was inspired by a lazy afternoon watching Frank Capra's 1938 classic "You Can't Take It With You".)


POSTER LINE:  "Thrown away doesn't mean worthless."

LOG LINE:  "A discarded man stumbles into an unwanted town to learn that worth comes from giving, not getting."

(A thought was eroded by my morning coffee.   What if a man nobody wants found a town nobody wanted?   Next, my sister calls and tells me to try and write a Christmas movie.   "They're popular", she says.   Hmm...)

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