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Dads & Marines

It's hot and muggy.  At least for us.  Temp over 75 and hewwwwwwww-mid.  That's the downside to having 15% of the county underwater and 81% covered in trees.

But since summer lasts just a little longer than an ABC sitcom, I can put up with it.  Winter, on the other hand, is a season that has a longer run than the Ed Sullivan Show.  The older I get I find that winter is a season I just...endure.  Kinda like my right knee.

But, today, it is Summer.  I have parked myself in front of a fan while wandering through cyberspace.  I've swapped out my cup of coffee (aka The Elixir of Knowledge), for a tall, cold glass of iced tea (aka The Beverage of Solace).

Today is Father's Day AND the Summer Solstice.  So this iced tea shall be known as The Beverage of Summer Solstice Solace.

Yeah.  Well.  I thought it was interesting.

I scroll down the Facebook entries.  Here's a post that shows some UFC guys visiting Marine Camp Quantico and the Marine Corps Martial Arts Center for Excellence (MACE).  They're learning firsthand how the Marines teach martial arts.  Huh.

Remind me never to mess with Marines.  Or UFC guys.

They're doing a thing called "The Last of the Mohicans".  I think it's named after the run in the movie, where a guy runs out of the fort to courier a message.  Each helmeted and padded UFC guy picks out a non-munitions, non-lethal rubber "weapon" (rubber knife, baton, etc.) and runs through the woods with a Marine observer who acts as umpire.

Every UFC guy runs into a two-on-one situation.  Two marines, one UFC guy.  The UFC guy, in every case, is "terminated" without beating a single Marine.

Well, c'mon, right?  Two-on-one.  Unchoreographed with no script.  Really.  How is that fair?

A UFC guy, to his credit, asks the Marine umpire what he shoulda done.

The reply is matter-of-fact.

"You're gonna die but you gotta take one out so your buddy behind you only has to fight one."

The Beverage of Solace pauses in mid-air as that sinks in.

I think I'd want a different outcome.  One where I come out more or less intact.

"You'll die...so your buddy only has to fight one"

I stare out the window.  A swig of the Beverage swirls around words that I've read many times.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."


I would see this Facebook post today of all days.

On Father's Day.

But, hey...isn't that the real essence of being a Dad? Laying it down for the family.  So their fights are easier.  Dying to self for those you love.

Like He did for us.


The Beverage of Solace swirls the dust away from another thought.

Now how'd I remember that?  Really.  I'm a Packers fan.

It was during an interview with Mike Ditka who, at the time, was the coach of the Chicago Bears.  It was a few years ago, might've been the Super Bowl year of '85, when he made a statement.  He borrowed it from Isaac Newton and the context was about his younger years and his family.

"If I've accomplished anything it's because I've stood on the shoulders of giants."

He was talking about his father and his father before him.  And here's the thing about having someone stand on your shoulders.

It helps him or her reach higher -  but it limits you.

Dying to self and laying it down.  So their fight is easier.

So they can reach higher.

That's what Dads and Marines do, eh?


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