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And Here We Go Again...

I am writing this, mid-afternoon, at the coffee shop in town.  Mid-afternoon.  Mid-week.


For the 2nd time in 35 years, I am unemployed.  Like that Toby Mac song, "ya saw it comin' and it hit ya outta nowhere", it was a bit of a surprise.  Turns out, according to Management, I more or less suck at sales and yesterday morning I was informed about it.  I would have liked to discuss the three client list changes in 2 years, two of which took a large chunk of the better accounts and left the dregs...but there was no room for discussion.

It was a short monologue that was pretty much to the point.  No long goodbyes.

I can appreciate that.

And the weird part?

Driving home, I knew He had it all under control.  He really did, does, and will.

I pulled into the driveway, about 8 hours earlier than usual.  The Wife was at work as was TechnoBoy.  I walked into the Little-House-On-The-Corner. It was quiet.

I made a pot of the Elixir of Knowledge and walked a steaming cup over to the sofa anchoring the west wall of the Living Room portion of the Dining/Living/Computer/Family Room.

Staring out a window, I'm nudged by the phone vibrating in my pocket.  I dig it out to find the DAGU (Daughter All Grown Up) on the other end.

"Hey, me and your granddaughter are coming your way.  We want to surprise you but I figure I should let you know we're on the road.  But don't tell Mom.  Should be there in a couple three hours."

"Where you at, kiddo?"

"Just outside the city.  The baby got hungry while I was going through Mickey D's so we sat in the parking lot for 45 minutes while we had lunch together.  Finally got outta town."

I asked when she'd pull in and was told the grandbaby would need to eat and get a diaper change at least one more time before getting to the Little House.

Understandable.  The genetics causing such behavior must have swum over from my side of the gene pool when the southern hemisphere was being built.

Then a "love you" and a click.

Thanks, Lord.  I needed that.

It was a great night, just talking about things, passing the baby around like the holiday turkey platter.  A rented movie found us munching pizza and still passing the baby around.

Early the next morning the Agenda was set.  The Wife had three piano lessons, the DAGU had to feed the grandkid at least twice, and TechnoBoy had the 6-2 shift.  So I needed to get outta Dodge and come back at noon.

I bundled up the laptop and the munchies bag, fired up Phlegm the Taurus, and went into exile at the Library.  I setup my nest, settled in, and was on my first sip of free coffee.

"Hello, Dennis, how've you been?"

It was a retired missionary/pastor/church elder/all-around good guy with whom I share a church.  They were back up in the woods from snowbirding down in Texas where the winters are warmer.

I told him.  And now we're having breakfast tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to.

With trust comes peace, a peace that really does pass my understanding - like a Corvette passes a Geo on the freeway.

I think it's those little things He brings by to let me know He's here...yeah, that's what makes it easier to trust.

Like a card from an Aunt, a picture from a child, and a phone call from a friend.  The stuff I need when I need it.  There ain't no coincidence.  He's watching.

He cares.

So, once again, it's into the breach...and resting in the fact that He's knows where He wants me to go and who He's making me to be.

And that's the absolute best thing I could ask for and receive.

Yeah...this will be good.

It won't be any less dark and foreboding.  It's still feels like goin' through a long, lightless tunnel.  But He's drivin' and I'm ridin'.  And He's letting me pick out the music...so I'm good.

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