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It's A. I., not a gal or a guy...

Well.  That's a bummer.

I posted this morning that the Garage has gone international with some visits from Malta, Switzerland, and Great Britain.

The visits were international.  They just weren't human.  Which is a bit of a letdown.  And kinda creepy in a 2001:"I'm-sorry-Dave-I-can't-do-that"-type of way.

I found all this out just a few minutes ago when I showed our son, TechnoBoy, the info.

"Pretty cool, huh?  The Garage has gone international!"

"Ah, Dad.  That's just a webcrawler."

"Wow. Really?"


"So...why are they crawling?"

I was then schooled in the finer points of automated marketing.  I had not really been visited.  I had been scanned.

And obviously found wanting.

Time, and the webcrawler, moves on.


You faithful five that visit the Garage occasionally...uh...you're real...right?


Just checking.





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