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Howdy, Neighbors

Oh, man.  This first cup of the Elixir of Knowledge is taken from a coffeepot that still has about ten minutes to go.

I mighta jumped the gun a bit.

Remember Alka Seltzer and Fizzies?

Okay, now pop one of those in your mouth.  Yeah, right outta the wrapper.

I just took a big bite of a highly-caffeinated Fizzie.

Oh, mama.

I wish my teeth would stop vibrating.

Okay.  I'm back to normal breathing and, on a positive note, am now really wide awake.

I'm putzin' around with the different bells and whistles that the website people provide to make your website original and eye-catching.  I don't understand most of it.

But there's nothing to help with the actual content which, of course, proves Blue Collar comedian Ron White's hypothesis.

"Ya can't fix stupid."



An Elixir-induce bravado makes me click on all kind of things.  I click on the Activity Log and then for no particular reason, click on part of an individual item.

The page drops down to reveal a user number, how they got onto the website, and some other stuff that I'll have to ask TechnoBoy about.  But the interesting thing is found under each user number.

It's the country ID where the computer number is located.


Now you five that occasionally stop in for coffee, I'm assuming you're the USA guys.

But unless you guys have been traveling extensively, the Garage just might have gone international.

Yeah.  That's good.

I think.

It looks like the Garage has been visited by a resident of Malta, someone in Switzerland, and a couple of Brits.  Which means the pithy pseudo-intellectualism of the Garage is hitting a universal chord...or the Garage is being setup as a base for worldwide cyber-terrorism.

I really, really hope its the inane writing.

Please let it be the inane writing.

Either way, welcome new-found friends.  The coffee is on.

Grab a cup and feel free to wander around.

Thanks for stoppin' in.





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