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It was the morning commute down the Road-Less-Traveled.  Phlegm the Taurus deftly dodged and braked for suicidal turkeys and deer as I looked out the window and polished off a travel cup of the Elixir of Knowledge.

The yellows, browns, and rusts of late fall held the fog at tree top level as we all - Phlegm, me, the deer, and the turkeys - scooted along underneath.

The praise song on the radio ended.  I was just taking another pull of the Elixir when the announcer filled the break with this interesting and somewhat disturbing item.

It seems there are a couple of funeral homes that now have drive-through windows.


From the comfort of our cars it is now possible to partake of coffee-to-go, dead-animal-in-a-bun, and dead-guy-in-a-box.

'Merica.  Gotta love it.

That was yesterday and now the weekend is starting to dawn, sharing just enough light to see the first snow flurry of the year.

And that whole drive-through viewing thing is still buggin' me.

Convenience is one thing, but...

"Hey, wanna get a pizza then catch a movie?  On the way we can buzz by the funeral home and see Uncle Jake.  We'll roll through while you text Aunt Bertha our condolences."

The third cup of the Elixir of Knowledge morphs a thought into shape.

Yeah.  Makes sense.

Convenience is based on saving time, right?  But what kinda time?


I wander out to the kitchen, gumming this idea with the energy of a toothless 1 yr old attacking a slice of Melba toast.

After pouring the last dregs of the Elixir into my cup, I wander back to the Chair.


There seems to be three types of time.  Sorta.

Me Time, We Time, and He Time.

Me Time.  That's the one I hear a lot about.  My own space.  Controlling my world, if only for a brief moment.  It's where I call the shots.  That Burger King/Sinatra moment where I have it my way.

Yeah.  That's where convenience would get the biggest bang for the buck.  During Me Time.

Then there's We Time.  Stuff like family, work, soccer games, parties, weddings, funerals.  Those things that involve inconveniences.


An inconvenience for me is probably a convenience for somebody else.  But there better be some reciprocity on the deal or the whole We Time thing can take a hike.  Or at least a hiatus.  One hand needs to wash the other, right?  Fair is fair.


And then there's He Time.  That's where I spend time doing what I think God wants - as long as it's not too inconvenient.  Like the two hours on Sunday.  The daily devotions.  The prayer before going to bed.  And, if I'm really goin' fanatical, maybe a teaching tape or two.

A deep draught of the Elixir pops open another thought.

Wha.....?  No way.  Really?

Jesus never had any Me Time.

None.  Zippo.  Nada.

He only had He Time.  100%, 24/7, 365 a year.  He Time.  Doing what the Father wanted Him to do.  All the time.  Never a Me moment.  And this allowed We Time to happen, but never at the expense of He Time.

Okay.  I think I got it.

Me Time should be replaced by He Time which brings about We Time without dwelling on the inconveniences.  And since He loves Me totally and completely, any He Time is actually Me Time, even if it's We Time, because it's the best thing that could ever happen to me.


This probably oughta be my last cup of Elixir for awhile.



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