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Some Garage boxes are still @ Weebly...

If you're new to the Garage, you might want to go browse through the boxes stacked in the corner.

They're at uncledennysgarage.weebly.com.  Check the archives on the blog page.

Yeah.  Over two years of early mornings, gallons of the Elixir of Knowledge, and enough mental wanderings to make one of the Egyptian-freed Hebrews reminiscent.

I think I'm gonna go back occasionally and pull out a box, rummage through it, and bring it over here.

It's literary left-overs, but think of it as "recycling" or "redistributing".  Since I grew up in the golden age of TV, (...gold?!...everything was black & white...in more ways than one...), I kinda lean toward the idea of "reruns".

Kinda like MeTV written by, well, me.  Without the pictures.  You gotta provide those yourself.

Anyway, if you're reading this you've made the effort to visit the new Garage.

And for that I want to say "thanks".

All three of you guys are great and I appreciate you.

Help yourself to a cup.  The Elixir's on the workbench.

When the other two get here we'll break out the donut holes.


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