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It's All Bologna...

It's the start of the three-day Labor Day weekend, so I slept in.

Wow.  6:30.  I could get used to this.

I'm somewhat cognizant of my surroundings now, perched in the Chair with a cup of hot Elixir.

Outside a soft, thick fog turns the sun into a soft bright hole shining through a blanket.

A car crunches around the turn in front of the Little House, followed by Frank who is pedaling his bike downtown for some breakfast.
The neighbors' flag isn't moving, the morning so quiet that even the birds don't want to interrupt it.

I sip Elixir, staring at the grey world while my mind wanders down dusty aisles of memories & thoughts. 

Huh.  Now why did I dust off that?  Is that - yeah, it is.  Well I'll be...

It's the Oscar Mayer "Bologna" song.

Anyone else remember that?

"My bologna has a first name..."

The song plays as I see the little kid sitting on the curb with his sandwich. The jingle finishes with that curly little head bobbing emphatically.

"'Cause Oscar Mayer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A."

I stare into the cup, checking for signs of fermentation.  Nope.

Another thought forms.

I wonder who wrote that song?

I stiffly lumber over to the laptop.  A few key taps and the Web tells me it was a Christian comedian named Mike Williams.  Figures, eh?

A Christian brother writes a goofy little jingle that has me grinning, 40+ years after the fact.

A very little thing in the realm of music, literature, marketing, and media.  And still, I remember THAT this morning.  I'm not remembering caviar, steak, French cuisine, or funnel cakes.  Or the great media campaigns, past and present.

I'm remembering bologna.

A sip of the Elixir makes me chuckle as my mind reminds me.

"HeyNow don't be puttin' down bologna because, really, it's ALL bologna."

Yeah. It's all little things.  And it's the little things that matter.  Sometimes more than I think.  Another thought pops up.

He likes it when I do the simplest things for others in His name.  Like giving a cup of cool water to the thirsty.  Those little things.  The stuff that shows His love to others. The little stuff that shows He cares.

I know a little ditty that'll be with me all day.  It's a great reminder of why I'm here on this planet.

"Je-sus says He loves it so......when I hand out cups of H-2-O."

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