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Biscuits & Bluegills

The Reading Plan this morning has me reclining in the thick grass of a Judean hillside.  I'm within earshot of the Rabbi and his followers so I'm hearing the whole thing.  OK.  The Elixir of Knowledge has me embellishing the story a bit with a kinda "You Are There" flair.

But it's a great story 'bout  little things that become big things when they are given to Him...and broken.

10,000+ hungry people and He gives the Boys an impossible task.

"Feed 'em."

Sounds like another mandate from Upper Managemen, doesn't it?.  "Do the impossible...and do it now!"

But that's the great thing about having Him as my boss.  He only asks of me things that He knows He can do.  He never asks the impossible.  Whatever He asks is possible because He is the I AM, the ultimate possibility.   (And I am NOT.)

So in this Elixir-saturated story, I hear one of the Boys share a discovery.

"Hey, I gotta kid here with some biscuits and a cuppala bluegill.  If that'd help."

And that is all He needs.  He breaks and blesses the kid's Happy Meal and soon there are thousands of full tummies and enough leftovers to give the Boys a nice brunch tomorrow.

Nice story.  Happy ending.

Uhh!  The Elixir gives me a gentle nudge with a cattle prod.

I have this dream.  A dream so small and frail compared to the  reality of life and the world.  But I know the dream is from Him...and I'm supposed to do something with it.  So I give it to Him and trust Him to do the impossible.

And what does He do?

He breaks it.  Seemingly beyond repair.  And then says, "Trust Me."  And I have one of two choices.

I'm in or I'm out.

I believe or I leave.

It happened to the Boys.  He took a dream they had and broke it in front of them, throwing their dream up against the beliefs and rules of the world they knew...and they watched the dream shatter.  A lot of folks left Him that day but the Boys stayed.  Why?

The most Type-A of the bunch said it best.

"Where else we gonna go?  There's nowhere else to goWe're in."

And the Boys are the ones who saw their dream come true...but not before it was broken beyond any hope of repair - for three days.

Biscuits and bluegills.  Not much of a dream, but it's enough when given to Him to do what He wants.

Even if He breaks it and makes it less.

The last gulp of the Elixir reminds me of a happy consequence.  In His hands, less is definitely more...eventually...so let's see what's gonna happen.  One thing I know for sure...

It's gonna be a hoot.



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