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Birthed in the Northwoods of Wisconsin,  Headwaters Wordsmithing creates screenplays, lyrics, and books with an emphasis on faith in God...and a minor emphasis on coffee.  Make yourself at home.

Here's one for your Reading Room...check it out....

I meet these two gentlemen four years ago.   It was at the Gideon Film Festival hosted by the Ridgecrest Conference Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

A nice place.  And a place where everything is uphill.  Really.  Never been so exhausted walking to a meal in my life. But it was a great time with great folks who are committed to HIs call to make faith-based films and media.  And these two guys are doin' just that.

Torry Martin and Doug Peterson have written a book called "Of Moose and Men: Lost and Found in Alaska".

And it's a hoot.

I think it's something all five of you loyal followers of the Garage would like.

Torry Martin is a comedian, actor, screenwriter, and author who got lost in L.A. only to find God in a small cabin in Alaska.  Doug Peterson is an award-winning author who helps Torry tell the story... and quite the story it 'tis.  Every chapter holds a quirky and amazing true story as well as a spiritual truth that can be taken to heart.

And the chapters are just the right length.  I can finish one before my feet go asleep.  Or someone else needs the Reading Room.

"Of Moose and Men" currently holds the front pole position in the Book Basket under the towels - a place of honor in our household.  Previous honorees are C.S. Lewis, Patrick F. McManus, Bill Watterson of "Calvin & Hobbes", Randy Alcorn, Ted Dekker, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, and Gary Larson of "Far Side".

Like I said,  good readin'.

Check it out.  I think you'll enjoy it.  I did.



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