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...But Ya Doesn't Hafta Be Square

I had an invite from Jay whom I cyber-meet at Faith Writers (www.faithwriters.com) to come over and try Collective Faith (www.collectivefaith.com).  It's kind of a Christian Facebook.

After I got settled in, (and thank you, kind folks, who helped me figure out how everything worked...yeah...I'm one of those techless people...), I put a post up for the Garage and that's how I met some nice people, one of them being Lester.

Lester has a great website called Just The Good News (www.jtgn.wordpress.com).  I mean, let's face it, anyone who can bring together the concept of "Grace and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies" and back it up with legitimate Scripture knows how to bake humor with Truth.  While I was there, I spied a youtube thingy (view, video...okay, put in the hip techie word) of a gentleman named Michael Jr..

Probably everyone on the continent has already heard of him.  Not me.  I've always been a bit behind on all the "what's happenin'" stuff.  I bought my first Nehru jacket in '87...and since my balance is a bit off and the knees wanna do strange things, last month I picked up a pair of parachute pants.  Got 'em at a garage sale.  They're in good shape.  I just hope they'll deploy in time.

Michael Jr. is one of God's jesters.  Someone who can get us to receive the Truth we need while we're laughing...a male version of Mary Poppins with his "sugar" being a unique outlook on life.  His act is clean...and, most importantly, he loves the Lord.

We had a saying back in my freshman year of college..."You can be straight, but ya doesn't hafta be square".  If He has called you to be square then be square.  If He's called you to be round then be round.  And if He's called you to be an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis then, by all means, be screwy.

A merry heart does good like a medicine.

I hope you get a big dose of laughter today.

I just had mine.



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