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Pondering Soap & Shampoo

I think a lot in the shower.  There are two reasons for this pervasive pondering.

I'm not quite awake yet so I don't move much.  And since there's not that much room to move, I just stare and think until I'm somewhat cognizant of my surroundings.

Which is usually about three minutes before the hot water runs out.

This morning, during the 3-minute interlude between hot and cold, the cacophony of aromas on the tub surround pushed its way to the front of my senses.

I had never really noticed that "abomination of olfactation" before.

Now towel-dried, shaved, dressed, and in my right mind, I'm sitting next to a cup of the Elixir of Knowledge and the nine bottles of various products I picked up on my way to the Dining/Living/Computer/Family Room.

There are seven from the bathroom and two from the kitchen sink.  And all but one sound like they've come off a menu at a restaurant that doesn't serve breakfast.

Here they are, the scents of a consumer society,  and presented in no order of relevance. Their only reason for being here is either price or coupon.



Energizing citrus, (as opposed to "suck-the-life-outta-you" citrus)

Nourishing vanilla...(you taste it, not me....hey, let's give it to Mikey)  (You "boomers", ya get that reference?)

Kangaroo (I think it means from Australia...I don't think it's derived from 'roos)

Honey essences (another word for the honey that didn't make the cut at the factory; like the chicken essences in chicken soup)

Honey essences to use after the other honey essences (huh...a matched set...definitely coupon items)

Rosemary and mint (without the lamb chop)

And there's one more...

Soap.  99.44% pure.  (Boomers, ya got this one, too - right?)

Wow.  Just soap.  Nothing flashy, flavorful, sexy, or trendy.  Just soap.  Almost pure soap.

'Cause really, it all comes down to this sequence:  stink, soap, clean.

We wanna be clean.  And we can't do it ourselves.  We tend toward "stink".

A swig of the Elixir of Knowledge scrubs a thought, making it shine in the early-morning light.

Yeah.  I guess that's true.

Really, in our lives, it all comes down to this sequence:  sin, grace, forgiveness.

We wanna be clean.  We wanna be forgiven.  But we can't do it ourselves.  All the self-talk, the busyness, the distractions...it's all just throwing blankets over the baby's full diaper.

But He can make us clean by His grace because He paid the price so He could.

Grace.  100% pure.  No additional additives.  No marketing or hype.

Just grace.

And that, my fellow stinker, is that wonderful scent of being 100% clean.

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