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Cold is to Hard as Warm is to Soft


This is the first morning of single digits that are on the "+" side of zero in a week and a'half!

Banana belt, baby!

I feel as euphoric as when I clawed my way up from a D- to a D+ in 4th Grade.  Yes!

"Weeeeeeee are the Champions, my fri-end...." (Sing it, Freddy.)

I have great expectations for today.  It's gotta be an easier, more pleasant day.  It's above zero!

Not like the last week and a'half...

It's been hard to get outta bed.  The Little-House-On-The-Corner has been cold.  Pretty cold, actually.

And when things are cold, they get hard.  D'ya ever notice that?  Take butter for example.

In Northern Wisconsin, the butter only spreads easy five months outta the year.

Car seats get hard.  Car doors open hard.  Any unattended water, beverage, or Elixir of Knowledge inside of cars gets hard.  It's hard to feel fingers, toes, and faces while scraping off hard ice and snow from windows and windshields. And it's hard to breathe when the below zero is doubled by a 35 mph wind to below-below zero.

Cold is just...hard.

Right now I'm sitting here, next to the heater, sipping hot Elixir of Knowledge...and thinking about cold.

Cold makes things hard.  Yep.  Like honkin' rocks.


A sip of the Elixir floats up some words from the Book.

Hearts getting cold.  Love getting cold.  Things getting hard that weren't intended to be that way.

And the only thing to stop the cold is warmth.  Warmth makes things soft.

Warmth keeps soft things soft.  Like hearts.  Like love.

Things that were intended to be that way.

Another sip of the Elixir has me contemplating the dilemma.

Oh.  Yeah, I guess that'd be the thing.

The key is to find the Warmth That Never Fails.  A Warmth that is always there no matter the temperature, the circumstances, or the winds.  Yeah.

And The Book tells of the only One I know that can keep me warm, no matter what.  And He's done that.  And He's doing that.

We all hafta choose what'll keep us warm.  So, choose wisely, eh?

It's a cold world out there.

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