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Thoughts on Five Pounds of Stuff in a One Pound Bag While Listening to Christmas Radio...

The Q holds pole-position on the radio in Larry Boy, the '96 Park Avenue.  The tape player doesn't work, so it's only the radio.  And up here, FM is about all you can get...unless you're two blocks away from the local AM station.

So Button #1 on the FM dial is The Q, contemporary Christian radio.

They've been playing Christmas music ever since Thanksgiving.  They play the Christmas classics as well as new renditions of the classics.  They have yet to play one of my favorites, "Blue Christmas" by Seymour Swine.

(aka actor/musician Dennis Brownlee... and the guy's a Christian.  Like I tell TechnoBoy, our son: "You can be straight but ya doesn't hafta be square.").

(I dare you to listen to it and not laugh...I TRIPLE-dog dare ya!...)

But the one song I continue to find awe-inspiring is "Mary, Did You Know?"

I get goosebumps every time I hear it.  Sinatra, Deano, Nat, Andy, Perry, and Karen sing great Christmas songs.  But with "Mary", anyone could sing it and I'd still get goosebumps.

An incredible song with some of the most thought-provoking lyrics I've ever heard.

Amazing song.

I take a sip of the Elixir and relax into the quiet of a sleeping house and the pre-dawn dark of a Christmas morning.  Past the Christmas tree, on the other side of the window,  the snow softly glows under the streetlight as the colored dots of the neighbors' Christmas lights outline homes and trees.  Like a minimalist Monet you plug in.


That song is genius. 

"...your little boy has walked where angels trod.."


"...when you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God..."

Man, talk about 5 pounds of groceries in a 1 pound bag.

God becoming man.  A baby.

Put the ocean in a teacup.

Jam the sun into a flashlight


Michael Card called it "Infinity stepping into time".  He knows how to write a song, too.

A distant memory from Mr. Carter's sophmore biology class pops up.

Yeah.  It'd be like that...in a way.


Imagine that I love single-cell organisms soooo much that I'd become one of 'em,  just so they'd know that I love 'em.

I'd limit myself,  going from the bazillion cells that make me who I am, down to a single-cell creature.

I'd do this just so I could let all those tiny, clueless Monads..the parameciums, amoebas, even the bacteria....that I love them and I've made a way for them to be so much more than what they are.

And that's what He did for me.

That's what He did for you.


Talk about love, eh?

I look over at the piano top where The Wife has her Nativity scene set up.  The final words of the "Mary" song echo silently around the room.

"...the sleeping Child you're holding, is the Great...I....AM."

Merry Christmas...

...and may we continue to be amazed at the Reason for the Season...




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