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Starting A Tradition

We haven't moved that much.   We've just started our 29th year in the Little-House-On-The-Corner.  Lotsa memories.  Lotsa good times.

I'm trying to remember the 1st Christmas we had here.  Huh.  Not even the Elixir of Knowledge helps.  Must've been a bit more traumatic than normal.

Anyway, I thought I'd try to start some kind of Christmas tradition here at the Garage so I went over to the old place and rummaged through the Archives at uncledennysgarage.com.

And I couldn't find it.

I went through five months of dusty files and couldn't find it.

Then I thought of one more place to look.  And there it was.

A little dusting, a little scrubbing, and some minor polishing made it ready to hang up in the Garage.

It's called "The Community of Our Nativity" and its over in the "Scribblings" part of the Garage.

It's a true story.  Well, as true as someone of Irish heritage can make it.  There is a  predisposition for embellishment inherent in my gene pool.  But for the most part it went down pretty much as it is written.  It was a great, cold evening.

The story is kinda long.  Like a small-town version of "The Edmund Fitzgerald".  Without the water, drownings, or the ship.  Okay.  Bad analogy.  With that being said, you may want a cup of hot beverage and a few more minutes than you usually spend in the Garage.

I thought I  might use the story as a serial, putting a chunk in every once in awhile, to try to get people to come back to the Garage. That's what the numbers were for, delineating the chunks.

Then I realized that's the same technique that the street dealers use on the cop shows.  I'll just put it out there.  No strings attached.  Well, just one.

Consider it a Christmas gift for you and yours.  Granted, it's a copyrighted gift, but a gift none the less.

Have a very "Merry Christmas" this year.  May we all remember the Reason for the Season.

Thanks for stopping by.


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