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Birthed in the Northwoods of Wisconsin,  Headwaters Wordsmithing creates screenplays, lyrics, and books with an emphasis on faith in God...and a minor emphasis on coffee.  Make yourself at home.

A Blast from the Past: "The Route 23 Psalm"


The Lord is my driver.

I shall not panic.

He keepeth me on the road.

He findeth me the bare spots.

He giveth me traction for He is in control.

Yea, though I drive down the glazed, icy road, I will not fear the ditches, for Thou art with me.

Thy salt and Thy sand, they comfort me.

Thou makest a safe track before me in the presence of speeding idiots.

Thou keepeth me calm even when I spilleth my commuting coffee.

Surely safety and traction shall follow me all the way to work -

And I shall drive safely in the presence of the Lord for a really long time.


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