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Birthed in the Northwoods of Wisconsin,  Headwaters Wordsmithing creates screenplays, lyrics, and books with an emphasis on faith in God...and a minor emphasis on coffee.  Make yourself at home.

Starting Point

I started listening to epic music at the urging of the son, TechnoBoy, who had started composing in that genre.  He had me listen to the song, "A Hero Will Rise" by Future World Music.  And that's when it started.

I saw pictures.  Pictures of the battle we've all fought with fear, hate, and despair.  Pictures of faith, prayer, and victory.   All vividly written with images and boldly sketched out by an incredible song.

A mustard seed of an idea.

And the mustard seed began to take root.

So a script was written with the idea of putting animation to music.  I bounced the idea off of Rodney and Lori Marett, founders of the Gideon Film Festival.  The reality was gently relayed to me as to the funds needed to do such a project.

(Oh...that much...really?)

Always the encouragement, they said there was someone I should meet and introduced me to D.L. Maffett.  D.L. is a Christian graphic artist with a group of friends that are using their skills to share the Good News.   I touched base with him briefly but, honestly, I was so bummed about the whole animation cost that I kinda let the whole thing sit on the shelf.

But I couldn't shake the idea.  It kept coming back.  So one day, I grabbed a rather large cup of coffee and pondered the idea until I was completely stumped.  I became so desperate that I utilized the "last resort".

I prayed.  (Yeah.  Duh.)

And that's when things started to happen.

First, an idea for the animation popped up.  (Oh...never thought of...yeah...that'd work...)

Then the reason for the project focused itself into crystal clarity.  (Whoa...okay...sure...)

I emailed D.L. with the ideas.  It turns out that he had recently been thinking along those same lines.  D.L. emailed me back to confirm that he and his crew were in.

And the mustard seed sends out a shoot that reaches for the sky.




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